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Important information to all patients scheduled for operations at Ocumed


  • Kindly confirm your operation time with the receptionist at the consulting rooms the day before the operation date.
  • Arrive at Ocumed at the EXACT TIME given to you by the receptionist.   Operations are pre-scheduled in a specific order, so a too early arrival WILL NOT cause surgery to commence earlier than scheduled.  Should you arrive late however, you may miss your turn.
    Bring your I.D. book and Medical Aid card with you.
  • You will be required to fill in forms at the hospital, therefore bring your glasses.
  • Bring along a list of medications used, allergies and PI results (if you are using Warfarin).
  • A routine urine test will be done at the hospital, therefore make sure you are prepared.


Food and Medication

  • On the morning of your surgery ou may have a light breakfast before 07:00 but after that you may no longer eat or drink anything.  Children under 2 years may take a small amount of clear liquid like water/rooibos tea without milk, 4 hours before admission.
  • Those patients that use chronic medication: MUST take their blood pressure tablets and diabetic medicine with their breakfast.  Diabetic medicine must also be brought along to the hospital.  Tea and sandwiches are provided after surgery.
  • Asthma patients (and all other lung diseases) MUST bring their inhalers with to hospital and take it into theatre as well.



  • As a result of impaired vision and the administration of intravenous medication during surgery that may cause dizziness, you are not allowed to go home alone or drive a vehicle after surgery.  Therefore, arrange transportation beforehand.  We also advise patients not to stay alone the night after surgery, for the same reasons.
  • Post-operative instructions on eye care and eye drops will be given after surgery.  It is very important to come see the doctor the day after surgery.  The time of the follow-up appointment will be communicated at discharge.



  • Local aneasthetic procedures:  Comfortable clothes and any underwear.
  • General anesthetic procedures:  Comfortable clothes and cotton panty/underpants.
  • Laser procedures:  Comfortable clothes



  • Remove all make-up before admission, since it may cause infection after surgery.
  • Shower/Bathe before admission in order to protect yourself and fellow patients.
  • Ocumed takes no responsibility for any valuables,  therefore leave all valuables at home or entrust it to the person accompanying you.


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