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YAG laser

Why is my vision cloudy/obscured after a cataract operation?

Behind the artificial lens that is inserted during the cataract operation, is a thin membrane that keeps the artificial lens in place. This membrane is called the capsule.

What is a cloudy capsule?

This is when the membrane (capsule) that holds the artificial lens in place becomes cloudy as a result of cell growth on it.

What is the treatment? – YAG laser

YAG-laser treatment is a painless procedure that is done in the consulting rooms. The YAG-laser procedure opens up the cloudy capsule and destroys the cells so that vision is restored. The cells will

not grow again after a YAG-laser procedure. For 6 weeks after a YAG laser you may experience fluffy spots (vitreous floaters) floating in your visual field. This will disappear by itself over time

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