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Artisan / Artiflex

Artisan®/Artiflex® Lenses

The Artisan/Artiflex lens is a lens that is permanently placed in the eye to replace spectacles. It is not a contact lens and cannot be removed as with contact lenses.

The Artisan/Artiflex lens is smaller than a contact lens and once it is placed in the eye it is nearly invisible. During the operation that is carried out in theatre and takes about 25 minutes, the Artisan/Artiflex lens is placed in front of the iris (colour of the eye). The lens is attached to the iris of the eye and will stay in position.

Myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) as well as astigmatism can be corrected with       Artisan/Artiflex lenses.

Advantages of Artisan®/Artiflex® lenses:

It is a safe procedure with a predictable result.
The Artisan/Artiflex lens can be replaced or removed if required.
It gives optimal vision.
Results are immediate, require no maintenance and provide a permanent solution.
The Artisan/Artiflex lenses have been used by various ophthalmologists since 1986 and deliver excellent results.

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