May 03

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New specialist joined our team

Ocumed’s eye specialists have rendered world class ophthalmology services to Vaal Triangle residents since January 1998. As a result of the high quality specialist care provided, Ocumed has over the past 19 years also attracted patients from the rest of South Africa, Africa and the world.

Since 1998 this service was primarily provided by dr. Johan A. de Lange and dr. Robert Reid. Over the years various other ophthalmologists also provided their services on a part-time basis at Ocumed, and some still continue to do so. The good news is that these services have grown and will hopefully continue to grow from strength to strength.

On 1 January of this year Ocumed came by the services of a new, freshly trained ophthalmologist in the form of Dr Johan (JT) de Lange, who last year completed his ophthalmology studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The new Dr JT de Lange is not unknown in the Vaal Triangle as he grew up here. After completing his high school education at Hoërskool Transvalia, he studied medicine at the University of Pretoria. He then worked with his father Dr JT de Lange (sr.) as a general practitioner (GP) for five years in Vanderbijlpark, before he specialised in Ophthalmology.

The young Dr JT de Lange is now working as a “Fellow” in corneal and refractive surgery under Dr Johan A. de Lange. A “Fellow” is an international name for a medical specialist who is receiving further training from a highly experienced doctor or highly regarded clinic with the aim of learning as much as possible of a super-specialised field in one year’s time. Although Dr JT de Lange has already qualified as an ophthalmologist, he – just like Dr JA de Lange – developed an exceptional interest in corneal and refractive surgery, as well as in retinal surgery. Since 1995 Dr JA de Lange has contributed to numerous international lectures and publications on this subject.

Dr JT de Lange plans to stay on at Ocumed after completion of his one year “Fellowship”. If you add to the equation that Dr. Robert Reid specialises in Oculoplastic surgery, you have a word class team with a diverse set of skills.

Dr. Reid is currently negotiating with another young ophthalmologist in the hope that he will join them soon.

As an established institution Ocumed has been providing a broad range of ophthalmology services for years. These services include such as surgery for cataracts, refractive laser surgery, corneal transplants, glaucoma treatment and surgery, vitreous operations, eyelid surgery, retina surgery and more.

We always strive to provide the most modern and advanced treatment in the world. Only the best is good enough for Ocumed.


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